The American Flag stands for so much in our great country. Our active military and veterans have fought for years to protect our freedom, and the flag symbolizes that and so much more.

Our country's pride will live on, but the physical flag you have on your house will eventually deteriorate. There are rules to follow if your flag is damaged, and luckily one funeral home in Central New York has a way to take it off your hands.

Credit - Canva
Credit - Canva

Damaged or Tattered Flags

According to the U.S. Flag code, if an American Flag is not in good enough condition to represent our country, it should be taken down and destroyed. There are no rules against sewing or repairing it, but it shouldn't be simply thrown away in the trash.

You can either burn or bury the flag, but the most traditional way is to burn it. This way the flag can't be reused for other means, only as a symbol for our freedom. Burning is a safe and ceremonial way to dispose of the flag, but some people may still worry of doing it incorrectly.

That's where one funeral home is New Hartford has come to help.

Credit - Friedel, Williams, & Edmunds Funeral and Cremation Services
Credit - Friedel, Williams, & Edmunds Funeral and Cremation Services

Flag Retirement Drop Box

Friedel, Williams, & Edmunds Funeral and Cremation Services in New Hartford has created a flag drop box for their neighborhood. If anyone has a torn or tattered American Flag, they can now place it into the box for proper disposal.

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This is great for people who might not have the ability or resources to burn their flag themselves. You can find the box at 13 Oxford Road in New Hartford. It's a good idea that shows they are looking out for their community.

Thank you to Friedel, Williams, & Edmunds Funeral and Cremation Services for making this possible. You can also drop off your flags at your local VFW.

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