A Marcy couple's hot air balloon engagement is right out of a fairytale. Derek Schmitzer got down on bended knee inside the balloon to pop the question before he and his fiancé, Danielle Owen floated over central New York.

A hot air balloon ride and proposal isn't what Danielle expected on a Wednesday evening. "Derek told me we were going to Walmart when I got home from work," says Danielle. They went to Farr's Farm in Stittville instead, where Dwight, Dan & Joe from Airborne Adventures Ballooning were waiting.

The couple arrived to their waiting families. "When the balloon was inflating on it's side, we got to walk in. What a beautiful sight," Danielle says. "That's where he said some beautiful words about our life and got down on one knee. Our family got to be inside the balloon with us for the proposal."

The engagement was followed by a ride over the beautiful sights of central New York. "It was better than I could've ever dreamt," says Danielle. "He is such a sweetheart for planning this memorable experience and I can't wait to spend my life with him."

Congrats on your fairytale engagement.


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