As we get set to begin 2016 on a positive note, we look back at some of best moments of 2015. One moment that wasn't the best by any means, was a man crashing his car through a building attempting to time travel.

In October of 2015 we all celebrated the moment Marty and Doc Brown traveled to the future in the movie Back To The Future 2. On December 20th, a driver in Pensacola Florida tried to use his Dodge Challenger as a time machine and failed miserably. He crashed his car through two local businesses. Dark Thirty News reports he punched thru wall structures and drove his car up to the building’s rear entrance.

According to police, the driver said he had been wanting to “time travel.” Thank goodness the driver was said to have been uninjured in the crash, while the small businesses were found to be vacant at that time. Nevertheless, as a result of harshness of the impact, the two offices are now sealed."


The car crashed due to a lack of flux capacitor, and of course time travel not being possible.....yet.

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