I'm a huge movie buff. I personally love the Back To The Future trilogy. One of my favorite ones from the series is Part 2. Marty and the Doc take a trip to 2015, and gives us a glimpse of what life should be like. Here's a couple of the predictions. 


Growing up, all I wanted was the Hoverboard that Marty hovered on. How cool would it be if we actually had these? Screw driving, I'm hovering to work.


Flying Cars

I've dreamed of a flying Delorean since I was six years old. Can you imagine how much less traffic problems we would have? We'd probably have a lot more accidents though.


Power Laces

Tying your shoes is such a pain. Why hasn't a company designed these yet? I understand not having hoverboards and flying cars....but power laces seem very easy to make.


For a full list, check out this article from BuzzFeed.




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