We all want to know what to get those on our list for Christmas (regardless of whether they've been naughty or nice). In these remaining shopping days during the late "Frog Days of Fall", what are they going to get you?

The answer...categories.  That's right, you can make it easier for others to shop for you if you give them basic categories to choose from. I know that the spirit of the season is giving, not receiving, but if your family members are going to buy gifts for you anyway, why not make it easier on them to figure out what to get you.

I try to categorize my gifts for my family members, so they can cut to the chase. Some of my categories include:

1. Books

2. CDs

3. DVDs

4. Anything Star Trek

5. Cheese/Summer Sausage Snack assortments

6. Beer Nuts (Ok, that's not a category, that's a specific item. See, I made it even easier for them.)

And, if they get you something other than what's on you category list, just smile and say thank you. It's probably a better gift than you thought of in the first place.

(And, no, that's not me in the photo opening my presents).