There are two huge events coming up that many are looking forward to. Christmas will soon be here and the brand new Star Wars film is being released this weekend. Why not give the super-fan on your list an actual authentic lightsaber this year?

An internet company called Jus Incredible Deals sells a large variety of Star Wars collectibles and currently have in-stock these awesome LED lightsabers that even make noise. Here is a review of the product from one parent on their website,

The lightsaber blade is made from a durable polycarbonate plastic, so it can be used for light dueling and playing. Our child uses this particular sword for play fighting and it  is harmless. Of course just like any other saber or toy sword, if you strike a hard object at full superman strength it may end up breaking. But it is perfect for normal play fight.

Of course like anything of this nature, safety is the priority. I would suggest that children not actually horse around with them, but encouraging imagination is always a positive. To get more info on ordering this product visit the Jus Incredible Deals website.

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