OK, we all know that it's better to give than receive, but some of the gifts we've received over the years really say something about bygone days. There's always the possibility of receiving a fruit cake as a gift, which I actually like, but there are some items that you may not see under the tree, mainly because they don't make them anymore. So, if you get one of these, you're dealing with a hoarding re-gifter who has held onto the thing for decades.

Here's my obsolete Christmas gift list of items that you don't see much these days:

1. Hai Karate Aftershave Lotion

2. Soap on a Rope (Be careful, they're still out there)!

3. Eight Track Audio Tapes

4. Boston Store Gift Certificate

5. Hot Comb

6. Hot Hair Rollers

7. Atari Video Game controllers

8. Mr. Microphone (That's how some of us got started in radio).

9. CB Radio

10. TV Rabbit Ears