Mark Madison County down in the Lip Sync Challenge. The Deputy Sheriff took on the viral trend for all her sisters.

Madison County Deputy Sheriff Shannon Augustine is keepin' it country for the lip sync battle taking over the nation. "I wanted to show I'm human and can still have fun even though I am a Sheriff," says Augustine. "With all the negative toward Law Enforcement in today’s world, it's nice to be able to make others smile."

Sheriff Augustine is making thousands smile with her inner 'Redneck Woman,' singing Gretchen Wilson's #1 hit. "The response has been overwhelming. Not a bad comment has been made. Everyone has been very positive and most of all has shown a ton of love and support." You can watch the lip sync above or on Augustine's Facebook page.

Augustine has been on the job for 18 years and wanted to send her lip sync challenge out to all her sisters.....keeping it country. "I am not a materialistic person," says Augustine. "I can get nice things half price, I am just the girl next door and I am down to earth. I could 4 wheel drive all day." So Redneck Woman seemed the obvious choice for her lip sync song. "Even though I wear the uniform I am a mom, a friend and daughter too."

The viral trend hit central New York this month at the Cicero Fire Department where firefighters became Back Street Boys. "Everyone had some fun and we didn't think it would get so much attention," said Chief Jon Barrett. The video on the Cicero Fire Department Facebook Page had thousands of views and there's thousands more on YouTube.


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