The Chittenango Police Department has answered the Lip Sync Challenge. Officer Testa El Neenã takes the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

The spontaneous 3am lip sync video was possible thanks to a few handy props. "Thanks April Stanistreet for having props available on your desk. You always pull through," Officer Testa wrote on the Chittenango Facebook page. The only thing missing was a Carlton dance in the background, but it may have been hard to find someone to help at 3AM!

Officer Testa then challenged the Madison County Sheriff's Office. "Not that I think my county buddies will out-do my 3am unplanned vid." Deputy Sheriff Shannon Augustine answered the challenge, taking on the Redneck Woman and sending it out to all her sisters. "I wanted to show I'm human and can still have fun even though I am a Sheriff," says Augustine.

The Cicero Fire Department where among the first in central New York to take on the viral trend sweeping the nation. "Everyone had some fun and we didn't think it would get so much attention," said Chief Jon Barrett.


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