If you work in an office or any place that has a refrigerator for employees my guess is that it can get pretty gross. Here's what our office fridge looks like.

You can see how half of the items are just old and unclaimed, yet still sitting there.

I can't personally wrap my head around leaving things in the work fridge for any longer than that day's shift. I know it's probably weird, but I just can't. What if I want it at home?

Note the unusual nature of the items too. Who needs a dozen eggs when we have no stove?

Oh and the orange juice? You'd think that was normal right? Wrong. That's for when our sales people can't handle life and need to celebrate getting up in the morning with a 'mimosa.'

And of course there's the random sauces, condiments and spreads(cream cheese) that have been in there since the time of Christ. Go ahead use that 70 year old ketchup. I dare you.

I've started keeping my lunch in one of the drawers so that it doesn't pick up any of the disembodied odors that live in our fridge.

Just be thankful smell doesn't travel through video.

What's in your work fridge?


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