When was the last time you saw anything being shipped on the Erie Canal? You'll once again get the chance to see shipping in action later this month when Genesee Brewery will ship 12 fermentation tanks from Albany to Rochester.

The Genessee Brewery is set to take delivery of a dozen 20-foot by 60-foot-tall fermentation tanks that will be shipped by barge from Albany to Rochester.

The tanks are part of a $40 million upgrade to Gennesee's brewing system that is expected to make it "one of the most advanced brewing systems in the world."

The tanks are too large to be shipped by any other means, but that just adds up to a great opportunity for Central New Yorkers to see how the Canal was used in the past.

In a press release, Genesee Assistant Marketing Director Janine Schoos said she thinks this will be a big event for the communities that line the Erie Canal:

“In an era where commercial traffic on the Erie Canal is rare, the massive fleet of new Genesee tanks traveling west through the Erie Canal is sure to pique curiosity. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our employees and loyal Genny drinkers. We expect to see people on the banks of the canal capturing this special moment in our history,” Schoos said.

The trip will take six days and cover 225 miles, and the tanks are expected to pass through the Utica area on Monday May 15, so long as canal traffic and logistics allow. Big Frog 104 will keep you updated on when they will be in the area.

Because of the history of both the Erie Canal and The Genesee Brewery(founded in 1878), Genesee officials are hoping locals along the canal will be on hand to celebrate and "Toast the Tanks."

“Between Albany and Rochester, there are many restaurants and bars located directly on the Erie Canal,” said Schoos. “It would be a lot of fun if patrons raised a bottle, can or glass of their favorite Genesee Beer to toast the tanks as they travel by barge. Perhaps, even post a photo on Genesee’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages with #TOASTTHETANKS.”

If you want to head out and watch the tanks as they pass through the area, we've put together this interactive map of the best places(with parking) to watch from Little Falls to Rome.


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