We've seen cows, goats, horses, moose, bears and even a kangaroo on the loose. Now we can add a pig to the list. It's been roaming Rome for several days.

The Rome Police Department has received several calls about the pig that's been roaming the neighborhood since last Wednesday, September 12th. "Neighbors are losing their minds because he’s digging holes in all their yards."

Aimee Clark saw the little guy on Floyd Avenue. Luckily it was digging holes in a yard across the street from hers.

Photo Credit: Aimee Clark/TSM

Aimee isn't alone. Several people have seen the pig roaming Rome. Sean Thompson also saw it on Floyd Avenue and says "that little guy is fast. I hope they catch him."

Photo Credit: Sean Thompson

Jason Gattari captured a picture too, which seems to be much easier than capturing it. This little guy is 'slicker than a greased pig.'

Photo Credit: Jason Gattari

Fred Smith caught the little guy September 14th in the Roosevelt Avenue area, but only on video...

Kaitlyn Jamie saw the pig escape last week and his owners chasing him. "He was hiding out in the bushes by my driveway and woods for several days," writes Kaitlyn on Facebook.

Don't chase or try and catch the pig. Rome police say the owners have set up traps to capture it safely. For right now, the little guy seems 'happy as a pig in mud' roaming free.

Pigs on the loose are rare. Cows roaming free are more common. From the one seen holding up traffic in downtown Lowville, to the one that made national headlines after being loose for almost 4 months in New Hartford. It even had it's own song.

But nothing will beat the kangaroo that got loose from an area fair. Imagine coming face to face with one of those in the middle of the road!