LOCASH decided to share the stage with the Big Frog 104 staff to help them sing their hit "I Love This Life," and we want to share what that was like with you.

I had heard rumors that LOCASH like to bring their radio hosts on stage for a song, but I was still a little in shock when they invited us up for "I Love This Life."

More like nervous to trip over something.

Here's the video I shot from the stage with LOCASH, see if you can find yourself, and take a look at the amazing reception YOU gave LOCASH!

You can tell I didn't want to mess up their song because I stayed away from the microphones and instead took a video so we can remember the moment.

Now I have to say you are amazing. Since I have become part of the Big Frog 104 family there is one thing that I constantly hear from our national acts, "Wow y'all really love country music all the way up here in New York!"

Of course I've known this all my life because I'm from here, but...from Justin Moore, to Montgomery Gentry, to Chris Janson, and LOCASH, all have said some version of that comment and it really makes all of us proud to call Central New York home, and to share that love with these national acts.

Listen to their thoughts on the day below.

Thank you for making FrogFest 30 the best ever! We'll see you at FrogFest 31!


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