FrogFest 29 star Alexandria Corn is originally from Central New York and brought a couple of friends back home for their first trip to CNY. See how they felt about the area and our specialty - FOOD.

Alexandria's friends Nash and Brittany have only been here for a day or so from LA, but she made sure they got a taste of CNY already.

Of course being in California, that means Alexandria has to suffer from CNY food withdrawals. When asked if the pizza is good out west, she replies like a true Central New Yorker.

She introduced her friends to half moons from Holland Farms (which they loved) and Alexandria made sure they tried tomato pie too.

Nash and Brittany both loved the tomato pie, but they say they weren't expecting it to be cold!

They also got to see how CNY throws a party when Alexandria took them to Saranac Thursday.

Nash said it best, "that was a party, I don't know if I've seen anything quite like that."

That's right Nash, we know how to cut loose and have a good time here in Central New York.

Before Alexandria takes the stage at FrogFest on Saturday, she plans to take Nash and Brittany on a quick tour of the Adirondacks, and most importantly, she is going to feed them our signature dish - Chicken Riggies.

We would wonder how they'll like riggies, but then again everybody likes our chicken riggies.



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