The Kirkland Police Department is currently investigating a suspicious gun shot that led to the death of a horse. This incident took place on 12/29 around 12:30 PM to 12:40 PM.

The incident took place on a horse farm located on Kirkland Avenue in the Town of Kirkland. Here's what they know:

It was reported to police that a white male was driving a gray Dodge Avenger. The Dodge Avenger then pulled to the opposite side of the road and discharged a round from a long gun from inside of the vehicle. When the suspect shot the long gun, he shot the horse killing it. The Kirkland Police are looking for your help with identifying the suspect and the suspect vehicle. The police were also informed that when this vehicle drove to the opposite side of the road it disrupted the flow of traffic. If anyone has any video surveillance on the homes, please check your feed to see if there footage of the suspect's vehicle.

If you have any more information contact the Kirkland Police Tips Line at 315-853-3311. All calls will be kept confidential.

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