With plenty of ice covering the roads each and every winter in Central New York it has you thinking: where does the road salt come from that keeps us safe on the roads?

Actually, it comes from right here in Central New York from the Cayuga Salt Mine. According to Syracuse.com, about 200 workers mine an average of 10,000 tons of salt a day, year-round. They are working hard to keep us all safe.

"We mine as much on July first we do on January first," said Plant Manager Shawn Wilczynski, a South Dakota native who has 19 years in the salt-mining business. "There's no way we can mine enough salt in four months to meet all the demand."

The mine is about 2,300 feet deep. It's one of the deepest in North America. It's so deep, you could stack about two Empire State buildings in it. The mine stretches more than seven miles underground.


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