A heartbreaking situation is unfolding in Otsego County as 32 horses involved in a hoarding situation are being relocated to Otsego County Fairgrounds. Foster homes are needed immediately.

Stacie Haynes, director of the Susquehanna SPCA, reports the Otsego County Sheriff’s Office and the Susquehanna SPCA partnered to relocate the horses from what is believed to be a hoarding case.

Photo via Stacie Haynes, Executive Director of SQSPCA

According to published reports, anonymous complaints of cruelty started coming into the animal shelter last month. During the police investigation, they found the horses in a sad and bad situation. At that time, the owner willingly signed over several horses who needed immediate medical attention. The owner was given 30 days to improve the situation.

30 days later, volunteers gathered to gently move the horses out of the barn and to the fairgrounds. The Daily Star reports Sue Schoonover, a volunteer from Edmeston, talking about the very sad facts of the situation:

  • Volunteers wading through manure that was waist-deep.
  • Horses that were never tamed.
  • Horses born there never being outside of the barn
  • Horses with curled hooves, stunted growth, protruding ribs, and more

Haynes released the following statement on her Facebook page:

The SQSPCA team of staff and volunteers along with our Sheriff’s Department have worked 31 hours of the last 48 to help a person overwhelmed with far too many horses. The scene was sad and challenging. The horses have not been handled and are pretty wild. Despite the fact that it took us two days to get 32 horses out, we still have horses to save, and the work to vet and rehome has just begun.

The owner of the horses is cooperating and at this time will not be charged. The horses will be available for adoption, but right now, foster homes are desperately needed. If you can help, please contact the Susquehanna SPCA at 607-547-8111.

Photo via Stacie Haynes, Executive Director of SQSPCA
We have reached out to Haynes and will update this story when more information is available.

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