There's nothing like small-town life. Everyone knows everyone and most are willing to help whenever it's needed, something you don't usually see in the bigger cities. Crime rates are also much lower. Central New York is filled with a number of small towns with little to no violent crime. But one is the best of the best in America.

Kirkland, New York is among the Top 10 safest towns in the country according to Safe Wise, the only place in Central New York to make the top 50. Whitestown did come in at #53.

Kirkland has a population of 8,329 with a 0% violent crime rate from the FBI crime data. Property crime in the town is only at 0.5%, making it the ninth safest town in the U.S.

Kirkland isn't the only town with 0% violent crime rate. 5 other cities are tied for first with zero crimes reported - violent or property, and two are in New York state: Lewisboro Town, New York; Luzerne Township, Pennsylvania; Sleepy Hollow Village, New York; Thetford Township, Michigan: and Weiser, Idaho.

The Northeast is home to the safest small towns for the second year in a row with New Jersey leading the list with 27, followed by New York at 17, Massachusetts with 13, and 9 in Pennsylvania.

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