Kane Brown is a friend to kids. When he's not roughhousing and sharing precious moments with his daughter, he's at work being a country star — which, for the "Heaven" hitmaker, looks a lot like play, too.

During a recent performance at the North Dakota State Fair, Brown brought a 6-year-old fan named Taya onstage to share his spotlight. She certainly made the most of her big moment — Taya was a pro singing "What Ifs" with Brown, the superstar's 2016 duet originally sung with country's Lauren Alaina.

Watch Taya shine below:

Little Taya seems to be (almost) as popular as Brown himself, with one clip of the moment amassing more than 19 thousand views, with fans commenting things like, "I loved every second of seeing her up there rock that stage" and "She’s one lucky girl and a total rockstar!"

Taya was a perfect stand-in for Alaina and seemed to be comfortable onstage, belting all of the words right into the mic. If you peek around on her mom's Instagram page, where the videos originated, it should come as no surprise that Taya knows all of Alaina's parts: She's a fan!

Another post shows a younger Taya backstage, spending time with Alaina. She's sitting on the country singer's lap and singing along to "What Ifs" then, too, as well as Alaina's song "Three." At one point Alaina pulls little Taya in for a hug and whispers, "I love her!"

Taya's run-ins with country stars don't stop there: She has also met Cole Swindell.

During its peak, Brown's "What Ifs" was a No. 1 Country Airplay hit and a No. 1 Hot Country Songs chart-topper.

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