Josh Thompson recently made quite a hair transformation. The 'Cold Beer With Your Name On It' singer chopped his long locks and now dons a much shorter cut. He even donated some of it for a good cause!

When asked what Thompson did with his hair, he responded, "I donated what I could to Locks of Love and there’s still a fair amount on my head too." Turns out Thompson has been thinking about the change for quite some time.

"I had planned on cutting my hair past the first single on the second record, which was going to be years ago," the singer tells Taste of Country. "But it just never panned out that way so I just made mention of it … what I was gonna do is just buzz it."

Turns out, Thompson -- whose new 'Turn It Up' album dropped this week -- hasn't always had long hair. He was actually used to having very short hair up until he made the transition to Music City.

"I really just started growing it before I moved to Nashville," he explains. "So after discussing it, they asked if it would be OK if we just kind of went halfway and tried that out first. I was like ‘Yeah, I’m cool for whatever.’ So I did it, and I dig it. And I really don’t even notice it honestly."

Does that mean we may see a Thompson with an even shorter do in the future? It's a possibility.

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