In a Taste of Country exclusive, Josh Thompson opens up about how he got his start writing country music. It was a horrible beginning for the singer.

Thompson just released his sophomore album 'Turn It Up' on April 1, and he sat down with Taste of Country to talk about the road from budding musician to bonafide star.

"I was late," says Thompson about his start in music. "I was 21 when I got my first guitar and took a couple lessons ... and after about six months of learning three or four chords, I wrote my first song and it was horrible. It was horrible!"

Luckily, the 'Cold Beer With Your Name On It' singer didn't stop there.

"After that, I was always running to my truck to put down song ideas or record this little piece or that," he says. "Eventually I had written 100 songs and then 150 songs and then that really lit a fire."

Thompson was unleashed onto the country music scene with his debut album 'Way Out Here' in 2010, which garnered three Top 40 hits for the Wisconsin native. Thompson is hopeful that this record will reach the same levels of success, and then keep going.

"I want people to love it like I do. I want people to sing the record at my shows ... and you know [I want to] have a lot of success on country radio and success with this record."

'Turn It Up' hit shelves on April 1 and is already receiving great reviews. He will finish up with Justin Moore's Off The Beaten Path Tour at the end of April.

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