A New York hunter who is accused of killing "skinning, and beheading" two beloved pets is giving his reason.

On Thursday, Hudson Valley Post reported the gruesome story of two pets who were killed by a Hudson Valley man.

Update On Beloved Dog Murders


Erin Caviola of Ridgefield, Connecticut says her dogs, Cimo and Lieben were murdered, beheaded and skinned by a hunter.

"Their murder, skinning, and beheading has taken a very large emotional toll on our family," she said. "The violence of Cimo and Lieben's death and mutilation has caused unimaginable trauma, suffering, exhaustion and has left a black cloud over our usually happy and loving family."

The dogs disappeared in early November after she let them out into her fenced-in yard. She believes the dogs got out because a part of the fence was pulled down, potentially by a bear.

Putman County Hunter Accused Of Killing Dogs

Caviola and her family and friends searched for the dogs for weeks with no signs of the dogs. During the search for her dogs, Caviola was contacted by someone who said a hunter had disturbing photos of the dogs.

Caviola accuses a Putman County hunter of shooting, beheading and skinning her dogs.

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"In the murders of Cimo and Lieben we have had no closure. We have had no comfort. All we have is pain, anger, disappointment, and worst of all, the horribly gruesome images of our beloved dogs shot dead and skinned," Caviola said.

New York State Hunter Is Sorry For Killing Dogs


The hunter, identified as 61-year-old Michael Konschaof Carmel, New York, is sorry for his actions CBS reports.

"Please know that it was never my intent that morning to harm the victims' pets," he said.

Konschaof told police he killed and skinned the German Shepards because he thought they were coyotes.

Caviola said Mike Konschak kept the killings a secret. Until the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection took over the case from the police and arrested Konschak.

Putnam County Man Accused Of Beheading, Skinning Beloved Pets

"The man who did this is named Mike Konschak. He forged permission to be hunting on private property in this area as he is from New York," Caviola wrote in a Change.org petition to have the hunter's hunting license revoked.

Konschak was charged with forgery, evidence tampering and violations of hunting regulations, according to Fox.


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"Mike Konschak never came forward to tell us what he did or help us find our dogs. A caring person came forward to tell us and show us the photos. Mike Konschak only came forward once he was caught," Caviola added. "Even more upsetting, Mike Konschak lacked the compassion to be truthful about the location of the dog's remains after knowing the family wanted to bury them at home."

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