Where are those speed cameras this week in New York?

The radar was installed as part of legislation S.4682-B, signed in September 2022 by Governor Kathy Hochul. Where are these cameras? They move around the state each week to different construction zones in an effort to get drivers to slow down and keep workers safe.

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How Speed Cameras Work

The radar cameras will pick up any speeders and capture a photo of the vehicle and the license plate. The registered owner will then be mailed either a warning or a violation.

First Violation: $50 fine
Second Violation: $75 fine if within an 18-month period of the first violation
Third and Subsequent Violations: $100 fine if within an 18-month period of the first violation

Speed Cameras Locations for Week of June 26 in NY

Locations Around NY State

6/26 - 6/30: I-690 Between Exit 4 (John Glenn Blvd) and Exit 5 (State Fair Blvd) in Onondaga County
6/26 - 6/30: NY Route 400 between Maple Road and Girdle Rd in Erie County
6/29 - 6/30: NY Rte. 33 between NY Rte. 277 & Interstate 90, in Erie County
6/26 - 6/30: US Rte. 219 at New Armor Road in Erie County
6/27 - 6/29: NY 17 Interstate 86 WB between Exit 10 and Exit 11 in Chautauqua County
6/28 - 6/28: Route 17 WB at Exit 78 in Broome County
6/29 - 6/29: I81 Exit 1 to I88 (I88-I81 connector bridge) in Broome County
6/30 - 6/30: I88 at Exit 2 (NYS&W Railroad over I88) in Broome County
6/26 - 6/30: I-495 EB/WB from Exit 65 to 66 in Suffolk County
6/27 - 6/30: Sagtikos Parkway Between I-495 & College Road in Suffolk County
6/26 - 6/30: NY 27 W/B Titmus Drive to Moriches Middle Island Rd in Suffolk County
6/26 - 6/30: PK_908G NB NSP between Exit 42N and Exit 42S in Suffolk County
6/28 - 6/28: NY 27 EB RT27 Sunrise Hwy, Locust Ave & Ext 49 Vicinity in Suffolk County
6/26 - 6/30: I-678 From Hillside Avenue to Queens Blvd in Queens
6/26 - 6/30: I-678 From Main Street to North Conduit Avenue in Queens
6/26 - 6/30: PK_907D From 150th Street to 130th Street in Queens

The cameras will move around the state to different construction zones each week. You can find all the locations at Ny.gov.

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