Be prepared. More smoke-filled air from those Canadian wildfires may move back into New York State.

The potential for unhealthy air to impact most of the state with thick smoke is predicted by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) for Wednesday, June 28.

A cold front entering Western New York in the early morning hours Wednesday will bring thick surface smoke that will reach downstate regions by Wednesday evening.

"As we closely monitor the changing forecast, New Yorkers should be prepared for the potential return of smoke from the Canadian wildfires," Governor Hochul said. "I encourage everyone to remain vigilant, especially if you are vulnerable to air pollution, stay up to date on the latest information and take steps to protect yourself."

New Yorkers are being warned to prepare for possible elevated levels of fine particulate pollution caused by smoke on Wednesday. The Departments of Environmental Conservation and Health will issue Air Quality Health Advisories to regions impacted by smoke if necessary.

Reduce Risks

  • New Yorkers in vulnerable groups should avoid exertion outdoors and watch for symptoms when exposed to the outdoors when the Air Quality Index (AQI) is above 100. Vulnerable individuals include those with cardiovascular disease or lung disease, as well as children under 18, adults 65 and older, and pregnant people.
  • When AQI is greater than 150, all New Yorkers should avoid strenuous outdoor activities, and those in vulnerable groups should avoid exposure to the outdoors, especially pregnant individuals who may become short of breath more easily.
  • For people who spend time outdoors, when air quality is unhealthy, wearing a well-fitting face mask is recommended.
  • Organizations who run outdoor activities or have outdoor workforces should begin planning now for potential changes to activity on Wednesday, June 28.

To check your location's current air quality visit

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