Big news has been announced for what is arguably the most popular pizza place in Marcy. For months, there's been speculation of the location closing because it's too small for how successful they are. That isn't the case. They aren't closing. In fact, they're expanding to a new location.

Big Jays Pizzeria is located on River Road in Marcy, and they announced the exciting news that they'll be opening a second location in Rome, New York. They took to their Facebook page to share the big news with their customers.

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They have purchased the former location of Luigi's Pizza on James Street in Rome and have a target opening date of January 3rd. They have begun renovating the inside and hope to have all changes completed by then.

We are excited to announce that we are ready for the next chapter with Big Jays Pizzeria. I had the opportunity 4 years ago to get a spot in my home town of Rome. Welp that never happened. And, cause all things happen for a reason, we found our home in the small town of Marcy. And, boy has it been fun. Jessica and I opened in the heart of the pandemic not knowing what the future has in store for us but we were not gonna be denied.

They said "Marcy will always be our home. We aren't going anywhere."

Are you excited that a second Big Jays Pizzeria will be opening right here in the Mohawk Valley? Let us know your thoughts inside our station app.

BRB - ordering a cheese slice and a chicken finger sub because I adore their food.

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