So. 8 years ago around this time, I created a fast.  I had done 21 day fasts like Dr. Alejandro Junger's CLEAN program for several years first. I liked Dr. Junger's program. But I felt like I needed something a bit more nourishing for more than my body. I felt like I needed a fast that considered the journey my mind and spirit would be going through also.  I couldn't find anything. So I made something up. And I called it what I wanted to experience through doing it-- 40 Days and 40 Nights (So I Can Be Great).  I know, subtle. :) Looking back, I probably would have challenged myself to find a different--maybe shorter- name...but it is what it is now. If you have any ideas, I'm open.

With such things in mind, and, since no one asked,


I decided it was important to share the framework of 40 Days and 40 Nights (So I Can Be Great) here! This is actually an updated version of the original document I wrote for myself eight years ago. It spells out my intentions for my 40-day process.  I've changed some things, of course, since then. But this document remains the blueprint. Essentially, It's the Jay Z of my fast.



What are the Rules of 40 Days + 40 Nights (So I Can Be Great)?

  1. Liquid Food: All of my meals, except for dinner (after dusk) must be fresh fruit and veggie juice or smoothies, pure water, teas, infusions and tonics. Keeping it fresh with new juice recipes as the creative “juices” flow through me.
  2. Solid Food: A vegan raw or cooked whole food meal at sunset.
    1. Must be vegan—with the exception of raw honey. No dairy, no eggs.
    2. No white rice, no white flour, no white sugar.
    3. Nothing that comes in a bag or box or can (except beans).
    4. Frozen okay.
    5. No processed food at all. Even if I want a sweet with my after dusk meal, I have to make it from scratch.
    6. Eating this meal is not mandatory. It’s an option to eat solid food if I want/need to.
  3. Soul Food: I must read a chapter of the Dr. B. Mind Fast, Soul Feast Book every day during my fast. Starting with Chapter 1 on day
  4. Daily Rituals:
    1. Movement every single day. Commit to at least 20 mins to an hour of dedicated vigorous movement.
    2. Sungazing every single day either morning or evening—skies permitting.
    3. Meditation every single day. Dedicate 20 mins in the morning first thing and 20 mins at night before bed.
    4. Oil pulling every day upon waking.
    5. Journaling?
  1. Mandatory Minimums:
    1. Colon hydrotherapy + salt bath weekly
    2. Daily body brushing/Gu Sha
    3. Bi-weekly massage
    4. 1 something fun I want to do every week
    5. 1 try something new and learn something new every single week
    6. Pick and (complete) A Big,Big—A project (I’ve been bulljanking on or that stretches my idea of myself) to complete by the end of 40 Days
    7. Celebratory event at the end? (Skydiving? Go Hug the 40 Fruits Tree in Syracuse?)

So that's it. That's me fast. It sounds like a lot, but in the scheme of things, it isn't. With all the "extra" time I've shored up not eating during the day-- I need something to put my mind on besides daydreaming about dinner. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

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