The truly brave laugh in the face of danger. So the true Central New Yorker should laugh in the face of dangerous wind chills. To help you get started we came up with some CNY "It's So Cold Jokes."

It's so cold Chittenango Falls isn't falling. Marcia Bower shared some amazing photos of the frozen falls.

Marcia Bower
Marcia Bower

It's so cold...

  • CNY farmers milked the cows and got ice cream
  • Faxton St Luke Doctors aren't using anesthesia they're just putting patients outdoors
  • At the drive-thru people are asking for loose lids
  • At the Utica City Morgue you can't tell the workers from the stiffs.
  • When I turned on the shower - I got hail.

And how about a couple of winter jokes too.

Q: What do you get from sitting on the ice too long? A: Polaroids.
Q: What's an ig? A: A snow house without a loo!

Find more 'It's so cold jokes" at the Athropolis Website and there's more winter jokes at Jokes 4


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