Computer security experts have discovered a spam list that contains over 700 million email addresses, with some of the data even including passwords. If your email is on this list, you need to change your password right now. says the data breach was discovered by a French-based security researcher.

In response, computer security expert Troy Hunt got his hands on the list and has made a website where you can check the security of your email address and password.

All you have to do to check your email security is enter your email address into the website, and it will tell you if you're safe, or if you need to change your password. says this is the biggest set of email data that has ever been harvested.

The information was taken from the web by a program known only as 'Onliner Spambot.'

Law enforcement agencies are aware of the breach and are working on finding the source and shutting it down, but as of right now if you have an email address, you should check to make sure it isn't on the list.


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