If you have little driveway space or allow guests to park on your lawn in Ilion, you could be seeing tickets issued very soon.

The Times-Telegram is reporting that Mayor Terry Leonard is considering the move after finding a line about lawn parking in Utica's city codes.

The issue has been brought up in the village before by the Ilion Citizens Codes Committee - a group that organizes on Facebook and attempts to educate village residents in order to hep make the village look more presentable - and was revisited earlier in August at a village board meeting.

According to the Times Telegram, Citizen codes Committee Chairperson Aileen Sweeney addressed the board, asking for action to be taken. She contested that the issue is not with those who park on lawn temporarily, but with those who use their lawns as permanent parking.

In response Mayor Leonard said he will ask Village Attorney Mark rose to take a look at drafting a local law for Ilion, with allowances for special circumstances.

Leonard said once a local law is drafted, a public hearing would be scheduled where residents could express their concerns and opinions.

What do you think? Is this a pressing issue in Ilion or your neighborhood?

Would you like to see a law passed that would result in a ticket for parking on your own lawn?


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