Can you imagine driving down through the city of Detroit and spotting Bigfoot? Apparently he has left the woods and is looking for something much worse.

According to Cryptozoology News, the sighting took place when one family was looking for a new home in Detroit. C. Brown, his wife, and their two children were reportedly looking to buy a new house when they allegedly witnessed the Squatch sighting.

They described the house as a two story blue building with broken windows. Then, they said, Brown decided to “slow down to get a better look”.

“Hell, we were curious about it. I mean, you know, we were aware that we ain’t in no safe neighborhood, but we didn’t get out of the car or nothing. We see this hairy arm reaching out the window. I say what the hell, he gonna get cut that dude with the broken glass, man. Then a whole body coming out the window, looked like a monkey, only big damn monkey with a stick on the hand. Maybe about 7-ft tall. It had short, reddish hair. But hold on, the face was human looking, as crazy as it sounds. My wife kept telling me to drive away, so we did. I got to see the animal’s eyes and all, big and dark, with a huge head, like a triangle shape, kinda, know what I mean? Started hitting the ground with the branch or the stick or whatever it was holding. Kind of reminded me of what squirrels do with their legs when you approach them. But this was no damn squirrel,” Brown claimed."

The real question is was Bigfoot in the market for a new home? I would imagine a 1 bedroom bachelor pad would be much cheaper than buying a two story home. You better call a new agent there Harry.


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