Celebrating Flag Day today, gets my patriotic dander up.  In honor of that, here is my list of the top patriotic songs.  You'll find it a little different form other lists.  If not because of my selections, but that some may not be considered songs, especially the top two.At number 5 is the one that probably tops most lists, Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA."  It sends a chill up my arms every time I hear it.

Number 4 is the National Anthem or Star Spangled Banner.  An obvious choice and by no means a slight not being number one on the list.  I always thought Faith Hill's performance at the Super Bowl was one of the best renditions ever, maybe the screaming of thousands of fans after makes it even more special.

Now here comes the unusual ones.

At number 3,  Kate Smith "God Bless America."  I have always loved hockey and growing up I remember the Philadelphia Flyers always bringing Kate Smith out to sing "God Bless the USA" before an important game.  They were rarely beaten when she sang and I can even remember their opponents complaining about it.

John Wayne comes in at number 2.  He always seemed bigger than life to me in the movies and when I first heard his "Why I Love Her", I was speechless.

And at number 1, Red Skelton's "Pledge of Allegiance."  Some of my earliest childhood memories are of the Red Skelton show.  For several years as a young adult, I lived in Red's hometown of Vincennes, Indiana and he was my first brush with fame.  One of my first radio jobs was producing a show starring Red Skelton.  He was a man that seemed pure of heart.




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