Over Memorial Day all over Central New York many local celebrations took place honoring men and women who served our country, and provided our freedom. While driving in New Hartford, I noticed a business had their flag displayed like this:

Dave Wheeler/TSM
Dave Wheeler/TSM

Now I'm not bashing the business. I understand wind may have caught the flag, and it could end up like this.

Since I published this I have an UPDATE as of 5/28: According to many on Facebook,  this business usually tries to fix their flag often. No shame on the business, shame on the wind.

One of our listeners works for this company and wrote in with this:

It was at half staff to honor those fallen. And yes, it does get blown down by the wind a lot. We are constantly fixing it. No, it was not to be disrespectful. Management just wasn't aware at this point in time that it was stuck."

I feel there is a lesson for everyone, mostly myself. Don't point the finger until you learn your facts. I was very quick to jump thinking it was something negative, when in fact it was an accident.

So let's move forward, and try to learn from this. I was able to learn a lot about proper flag technique, maybe you are too. Here's some tips and tricks on proper flag technique from some great sources:

Here's more tips from The VA.




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