If you aren't a big football fan, maybe a different kind of Superbowl Sunday is more your speed. The Ross Park Zoo in Binghamton streamed Penguin Bowl III on their Facebook page Sunday morning.

While there were certainly less tackles and a lot more waddling around than a normal football game, the African penguins mostly stood around and looked adorable. Dyer, Gnat, Ronde, and Lucky competed in this year's bowl, and in the end, Ronde ended up taking home the trophy for the game's Most Valuable Penguin. In case you missed a minute of the action, you can rewatch the game here.

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The live stream was a way for the zoo to raise money and awareness for endangered species and the zoo's conservation efforts. Viewers raised nearly $700, and you can still donate through the Facebook fundraiser or at rossparkzoo.org.

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