How Can You Resist A Dancing Penguin?
Sometimes, the post-Christmas "Frog Days of Winter" can be a let down after the excitement of the holidays. So, doing my part to avoid having us slip into the winter blahs, I thought I would share a cute animal video with you.
Dance Of The Sugar Plum Penguins
During the "Frog Days of Fall", we start seeing, hearing and feeling more holiday sentiments. Maybe you'll go to the "Nutcracker" performance this year in Utica. If not, we have some funny penguins performing to one of the songs in that ballet: "Danc…
It’s A Thieving Penguin [VIDEO]
From the BBC's Frozen Planet documentary comes this video of a criminal penguin. As you'll learn in the video clip, male penguins build nests to attract female penguins. The better the nest, the greater the probability of getting a mate. And, that seemingly competitive nature to have the best nest h…