The Amish community is one that has been known for hard work, and living with the most basic lifestyle. Many look at these people as if they were strange, or crazy for not having a cellphone or fancy car. The truth is, they're like everyone else. They have families, they pay bills, and they wake up to go to work each day. The above photo was taken by John McCabe on Castle Rd. outside of Newport, closer to Middleville.

It's not easy work either. Two of the things that Amish people are considerably good at are carpentry and farming. In most cases they work in teams to complete a tough project in days, or in some cases hours. They may not drive a big pick-up to the job site, but they still have to get there. They strap their lunch to the back of their buggy, grab the reins, and ride. The next time you see a horse and buggy combination on the road be sure to slow down, drive safe, and give a friendly wave to your neighbor.

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