Life of a Farmer
The life of a farmer is about more than farming. Their farm isn't just a business, it's their home. Their 'herd' isn't just their livelihood, it's their family.
How The Hardest Working People Get To Work Everyday
The Amish community is one that has been known for hard work, and living with the most basic lifestyle. Many look at these people as if they were strange, or crazy for not having a cellphone or fancy car. The truth is, they're like everyone else. They have families, they pay bills, and they wak…
Farming Side of the Sheriff
For the past 27 years Sheriff Rob Maciol has been working in law enforcement. During that time one of his true passions always remained and that's a love of farming. What started as helping his uncle with farm chores quickly grew into something bigger. Now he and his wife decided to make the move fr…

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