Out of the hundreds of first day of school photos you've probably seen on your Facebook feed, a retired Vietnam Vet in Rome may have the best one yet.

David Morgan is happy Summer is over and the kids are back in school so he can "finally pee in peace," something all parents can relate to.

Photo Credit: Michelle Rossi Morgan/TSM
Photo Credit: Michelle Rossi Morgan/TSM

David Morgan is 72 and should be enjoying his retirement. Instead he's helping raise his great nephews Tom and Nik Hollibaugh.  "Some days our house is upside down in chaos," says Dave's wife Michelle. "The boys are very active in sports and he takes on the lions share of being mom/dad/cook/taxi."

Now that school is back in session Dave is looking forward to a little free time...and peeing in peace. "We don't get to do things our retired friends are enjoying like cruise but we adore our boys and wouldn't trade them for the world."

Enjoy a quiet bathroom Dave and thanks for the priceless Back to School photo.


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