You can't keep a good Honey Man down. Miraculously, two days after being involved in a terrible crash, the Honey Man is back to selling his honey.

If you haven't seen the famous Honey Man, you've probably at least heard of him. 75-year old Mike Shtengrat sets up his stand around the Penfield/Webster area, near Rochester, New York selling his jars of honey from his bee farm, while reading his bible.

Credit - John Kucko Digital

On Tuesday, August 10, Shtengrat was in a horrible accident while on his way to set up his honey stand. The crash caused his van to roll over multiple times. "His seatbelt likely saved his life and it’s a miracle he came out mostly unscathed," said his son Yaro Shtengrat.

Credit - Yaro Shtengrat

Shtengrat suffered no major injuries besides a few cuts and bruises. "He was very fortunate and credits his guardian angel for looking after him," said Yaro.

Credit - Yaro Shtengrat

Two days after the crash, the Honey Man was back to work, in the middle of a Heat Advisory. "He never misses work," said John Kucko, who often features Shtengrat on his Facebook page. "It was a mini-miracle his family was able to convince him to lay low on Wednesday."

Credit - John Kucko

People were happy to see the Honey Man back. "They were pulling over, beeping their horns, offering their regards," said Kucko. "He wanted me to pass along his sincere gratitude to all of the well-wishers and emphasized that this was all in God’s hands."

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