This Winter has been brutal on us Central New Yorkers. Temperatures have been brutal and the snow has continued to fall. Here in Central New York, we're somewhat used to it. One state that is not accustomed to frigid temperatures and snowfall is Georgia. That also is true for Augusta National Golf Club. This winter has taken its toll on many states that don't usually see this type of weather including Tennessee and Georgia. Many southern states that rarely have temps below 40 have seen there thermometers hit below 20 degrees. Because of this weather the home course for one of the biggest PGA Majors, Augusta National Golf Club, has lost one of its most famous landmarks. That major of course being "The Masters."

According to an article on the Golf Week website, Billy Payne who is the Augusta National Golf Club chairman released this statement:

The loss of the Eisenhower Tree is difficult news to accept. We obtained opinions from the best arborists available and, unfortunately, were advised that no recovery was possible.

Tiger Under the Eisenhower Tree
Ross Kinnaird, Getty Images

Due to a recent ice storm the loss of the "Eisenhower Tree" was the only major damage done to the legendary course. The famous tree named after the President who could never seem to avoid hitting it, was located approximately 200 feet from the 17th tee. According to the same "Golf Week" article, 2011 Masters Champion Charles Schwartzel said, "I think the tee shot will get a little easier. Definitely will. It's definitely about the carry. But you've got to keep it up the right side, but it might make it a little easier now."

Unfortunately that is how Mother Nature does business. No matter how beautiful something is, age and weather conditions can always take it down. This classic sight will always be remembered but this definitely marks a new and significant chapter in Augusta National history.

This Tweet Shows Damage Done To The Famous Tree:

This Is Truly A Sad Loss For The Golfing World, it's fans, and players.

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