How do country artists spend the day before a concert? If you're Justin Moore, you hit the golf course.  He and his bus driver Shaggy, headed to Pine Hills, just up the hill from the Herkimer County Fairgrounds to get in 18.  Although the day started with a little fog, it ended with lots of sunshine.

Justin did par the first hole which I caught on tape and the last hole.  However, I did miss Shaggy's chip in birdie on 18.  Sorry Shaggy.  It was a beautiful shot and I saw it!

Thanks to Carl at Pine Hills for getting both onto the course to let them play and to Justin for allowing me to follow him around to take pictures and video.  Golf is hard enough without having someone snapping shots.

On the way back from the golf course, we saw the Dodge Neon covered in mud Justin was talking about on stage'Somebody told me earlier there weren’t rednecks in New York. And I go ‘is that a fact.’  Then when we pulled in here, there was a Dodge Neon, that you couldn’t even see what color the car was because it had mud all over it. If you take a Dodge Neon mud ridin’, that’s a redneck right there.’

I asked the driver to stop so I could take a picture.


Thanks to Justin, who put on the best show yet for FrogFest. You were right, I didn't need that lawn chair. No one did.


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