The snow has melted leaving your backyard a mine-field of dog poop. Rather than try to teach your furry friend how to clean up after himself, call Holy Shih Tzu Dog Waste Removal and save yourself from a crappy job.

Holy Shih Tzu Dog Waste Removal was started by the Oneida Square Project as a way to help keep Utica and surrounding areas beautiful, while creating jobs for those in the area who have trouble finding stable employment.

The business plan is simple, for a reasonable fee you get to have your yard cleared of dog poop for you, so you can spend more time playing than cleaning up after Fido.

$40.00                   Initial Clean Up
$20.00/wk             1x weekly clean up
$30.00/wk             2x weekly clean up
$40.00/mo            1x monthly clean up
$50.00/mo            2x monthly clean up
$80.00                   One time clean up

This pricing is for one dog only, if you own more than one dog an extra $10 per dog will be added to each service.

You can also ask them about their lawn burn repair service.

This could be the best thing that's happened to dog owners since the laser pointer.



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