Hold your horses! Police pulled over a runaway pony in New York.

It happened in the Town of Ogden, west of Rochester, where police were called for a report of a horse in the road. The officers corralled the pony, that ran along side the police car and found where she escaped from. "She's actually a miniature horse that was well cared for."

Police aren't sure how the horse got out but she is safely back home after her owner was found within an hour. While the pony waited for her owner, it was sworn in as the newest member of the department. "We are excited to announce the new Ogden Police Mounted Unit," the department joked.

Ogden Police are use to dealing with animals on the loose in the small town. "We deal with cows, goats, sheep and horses getting loose occasionally but first time for a mini horse though."

The officers had some fun with the pony before returning to the streets. "No more horseplay, guys. Get back to work," the department wrote on Facebook.

Photo Credit - Town of Ogden Police Department
Photo Credit - Town of Ogden Police Department

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