Meet Duck. Duck doesn't do baths.

Duck is a 10 month old Great Dane Melissa Kendall rescued. And Duck doesn't like baths. Melissa found out the hard way after trying to give her some at home. "They were a nightmare. There was water everywhere and I slipped and cracked my chin open. I thought I lost a tooth."

Plan B. Take Duck to Pet Supply Plus. Duck doesn't do baths there either as the hilarious video above proves. Before any water was even turned on Melissa struggled to get the poor dog up on the platform. Duck knew what was coming. "There were people watching and laughing through the window," says Melissa. "I finally gave up. I think Duck was getting too stressed."

Plan C? "I will just take her down to my creek from now on," says Melissa. But from the looks of things, Duck's not very happy about that either.

Photo by Melissa Kendall
Photo by Melissa Kendall

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