A Marine veteran is battling his health and friends and family want to shower him with get well cards.

William 'Sarge' Moonen of Rome spends his days at his second home, Silent Hooves Farm in Verona in the Hooves for Heroes program. That's where he a his buddy Bandit bond each day. But Bandit and everyone on the farm has been missing Sarge, who is in ICU, battling his health.

Alexis Peters, who owns the Farm, is collecting get well cards to boost Sarge's spirits. She says several kids at the farm have made drawings and cards and even collected root beer barrel candies (his favorite). "Everyone here thinks of him as a Grandpa and we’re all worried. But we all know Sarge is too stubborn to let this hold him back for too long."

The kids aren't the only ones missing Sarge. Bandit, who Sarge received a lifetime lease on for his 77th birthday, is missing him too. "He looks down aisle from his stall waiting for him to pull in," says Alexis.

If you want to send a card to Sarge, mail or drop off at Silent Hooves Farm.

Alexis Peters
c/o Sarge
6457 Rock Rd
Verona NY

"We are really hoping to get as many cards as we can so we all (the barn and community) can bring a smile to his face," says Alexis.

To learn more about the Farm and the Hooves for Heroes program, a program that is free to veterans, active duty members, COs and law enforcement, visit Silent Hooves Farm on Facebook.

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