A little mini heat wave has hit central New York this week, and we all try creative ways to keep cool. As for me, I prefer opening a window over air conditioning. Let's face it, wherever you go during the Frog Days of Summer, you most likely will hear the roar of air conditioners. We all want to be comfortable, but I hate going into an ice cold restaurant or movie theater on a summer day, with no jacket (because it's 91 degrees) and shivering!

It's nice if you have central air at work or in your home, but those window air conditioners keep roaring on. I remember as a kid going into the neighborhood drug store to buy a pack of gum, just because the store was air conditioned. And do you remember how stores used to have those streamers coming out of the inside of the air conditioner, just to show you they were keeping the store cool? At least the heat wave is good for business, as the air conditioners and electric fans will be  flying off the shelves. No matter how you keep your cool, make sure you don't leave your pets outside for extended periods, and please make sure they have plenty of water.

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