It's a hot one (not that I'm complaining after this cool wet spring we've had)! And with the heat, comes some precautions. We all don't work in air conditioning or have it in our cars, and temperatures will be in the 90s today.

So, here are a few ideas to keep cool (and keep your cool):

1. Stay hydrated (drink plenty of water).

2. Avoid too much outdoor excursion (and if you do walk or run today, take along a bottle of water).

3. Keep drapes and venetian blinds shut at home during daytime hours. Keeping the sun from shining through your windows will keep it cooler.

4. Make sure you don't leave your pets outside more than a few minutes, and make sure they have plenty of water. They are hotter than we are with all that fur.

5. Keep your cool when driving. Sometimes heat can add to road rage.

6. Make sure you wear a hat and/or have sunscreen applied if you are going to be exposed to the sun.

7. Be thankful it's not snow!

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