Staying cool in the summer can be tough, especially during dangerous heat waves.

Central New York is under heat advisory for much of the weekend, so I have a few tips for how to cool down (and still have fun) in the heat.

1. Don't have a sprinkler? Make your own water feature that the kids can run through in the yard.

What you'll need: empty 2-liter soda bottle, push pin, duct tape

Using the push pin, poke holes down one section of the bottle. Tape the mouth of the bottle to your hose, turn on the water, and when it reaches the top, you'll have your very own summer water toy!

2. Here's a little life hack to treat those uncomfortable sunburns while also lowering your body temperature.

What you'll need: aloe gel, ice tray

This one's really easy. Fill the ice tray with aloe gel, put it in the freezer and voila: ice-cold sunburn relief!

3. While water toys are great, adults can get through the heat wave by hydrating.... in more ways than one.

What you'll need: watermelon, Vat19 Watermelon Keg Kit, spoon, bowl, your choice of alcohol and mixers

Cut one end off of the watermelon and, like you're carving a pumpkin, remove the guts and put them in a bowl. They can be used as a sweet treat for later! Install the tap into the hollow watermelon using the keg kit and fill it up with your favorite alcohol and mixers! Drink and enjoy. And of course, during a heat wave like this weekend's, also make sure to ACTUALLY stay hydrated with lots of water.

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