UPDATE: The missing chain heart has been found.

A heartbroken mother is searching for a special heart chain that's gone missing from her son's grave in Rome.

The special piece was created in memory of William who died 6 years ago and his mother, Penny Hope Frazier, can't believe anyone would steal it. "I am heartbroken and in total disbelief that some one would take this. It means nothing to whoever took it. But it means so much to me."

The shepherd's hook was on William Pope's grave at Rome Cemetery on Jervis Avenue. It's 6 foot tall and sat up against the gravestone. "The stone in the center has his name and the chain around the stone belonged to my brother," said Penny. "I'm sure who ever took it has broken the stone and removed it because it was welded in place."

Penny says she's not sure exactly when the chain went missing. "Going to the cemetery is hard for me. Even after 6 years I fight believing Billy is gone. I did make it there Saturday, June 8th and noticed it missing. I was holding out hope a family member took it to keep it safe for the winter."

Now Penny is holding out hope someone knows what happened to the piece that meant so much to her and her family. "It's devastating enough to lose a child. But when we put something on a grave it's because it reminds us of them. I just don't understand why someone would take it."

Photo Credit - Penny Frazier
Photo Credit - Penny Frazier

Anyone with information on what happened to the heart chain or knows where it is can contact Penny Pope Frazier on Facebook.

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