While traveling near Lake George, have you ever noticed a historical marker for a "Submerged Track?" What in the world does it even mean?

This marker is located at the intersection of Beach Road and Fort George Road, on the left when traveling east on Beach Road. If you look towards the Lake George waterfront, you'll find the marker.

So what in the world is a Submarine Railway? It's simply a submerged track in the water. This track sloped off into Lake George. According to The Historical Marker Database, this track extended just over 200 feet into the lake, ending about 15 feet below the surface.

Rail cars linked to a steel cable were lowered into the water to a depth where boats could float free of their cradles. From this track many a Chris Craft, Gar Wood, and similar pleasure boats were delivered directly into Lake George. The unique track provided nearly 40 years of service before its retirement and partial removal in 1950. Today a significant portion of the track is preserved under water."

So today, the tracks aren't used any. But back in the day, you would have seen all sorts of items loaded onto ships. The tracks are visible as day in the water even to this day.



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