New country duo Haley & Michaels found themselves writing a love song about love songs with Richie McDonald of Lonestar. McDonald sang one of the best country love songs of all time and it's safe to say 'Amazed' more than inspired 'Just Another Love Song.' The group explains in this video exclusive to Taste of Country.

'Just Another Love Song' borrows lyrics from 'Amazed,' an idea that McDonald bashfully brought to the table. "We went through all these other songs, and finally went back and said 'Yeah, let's write about 'Amazed'' and that's how this song came about."

"I don't know how you do what you're doing here / You sang 'Baby I'm Amazed' in my ear / Now every time it comes on / It's just another, just another love song," the duo sing at the chorus.

"It's basically a song about two people who have a song, a love song when they're together," the duo's Shannon Haley says. "The idea of what happens when you break up, what happens to that song? It becomes just another love song."

Haley and Michaels is Haley and Ryan Michaels. Michaels had written with McDonald before; the Lonestar singer found them on YouTube and appreciated how they harmonized. The song debuted on SiriusXM last month, and is available at iTunes here.

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